Day 2 – 35km from my starting point :)

Wow… Where in the world do I start…
14th July
Ok. So. I was supposed to start running 3 days ago, but that failed. I started wandering around Tokyo, went to a Colombian music festival, met an amazing man who’s travelled the world and lived in foreign countries for more than half of his life. I continued walking around, enjoying the multiculturalism that I didn’t expect to find in Tokyo, to discover so many Spanish speaking Japanese, and such a large number of Spanish speakers! Dancing, chatting, drinking 🙂


I also had some lunch in a vegetarian restaurant and was shocked to meet Mauricio 🙂 a man from Canberra, there with his family who told me about his time in Chile during the intense earthquake in around 1980. He told me about his experiences, his family’s thoughts etc. quite appropriate for me to bump into him 🙂


I kept walking. I walked to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (経済産業省) where I was in for another surprise. I knew there were people campaigning against nuclear, but I wasn’t expecting this… There were tents there, this I knew and had been there for some 600 days demanding all nuclear be shut down because it’s actually not even needed in Japan. They explained that few reactors are being used now, and Japan is functioning very well – and I can back that – so many lights at night etc. the other thing, these campaigners aren’t youngsters… They’re oldies! All above 40, the chief was 72. Amazing. I was by far the youngest 😛 unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, their Japanese was diffiicult and it was a noisy spot, so I didn’t get as much as I wished I could, but I’ll come back.



While chatting, I began to hear screaming… What was that noise??? Around the corner came a demonstration… Students and their friends and family protesting… And I mean screaming out if sheer outrage at the government… I was moved. Such a conservative people screaming after tolerating enough.


So these guys were protesting because the cost of education is far too high. They must work part time jobs at the same time, but they get paid less than Aus, and often sleep in classes, fail, all while doing Job Hunting. Job hunting might I add is the students one shot at getting a decent job, but there are too many people, not enough jobs, so many fail… Why study and work so hard, when there’s nothing waiting at the end for these people?



After this, I went and chatted with a half Japanese, Half American girl, KT about Japan and it’s protests. Apparently there were some massive ones in the 60s. I’ll have to look into them 🙂 apparently Japanese even made a fortress in Chiba to prevent the government from building it’s airport there.

I went back to the tent to continue talking until late at night. They let me use my mattress and stay the night before leaving the next morning 🙂

15th July – Day 1 – Ran about 21km (not including my running off course to go view interesting sites 😛

I’d left the tent by 5 after saying my goodbyes. It’s hot here. Especially around 12pm, so I need to do my walking in the mornings 🙂 which I have been 🙂

I ran a decent distance around Tokyo barefoot today 😛 many MANY strange looks, but still a lot of fun 🙂

I made an effort to run past a lot of famous sites 🙂 Imperial Palace


A beautiful temple in Asakusa which I said a few prayers over a few sentimental objects I’m carrying for strength and success, and that all that I do be out of love 🙂

Cool to see this pop up 🙂 Anti-nuclear signs 🙂 Stop nuclear, think of the children 🙂

Morning work out in Asakusa 🙂

Aaron with Skytree 😀

A wonderful new friend, Riki 🙂 we spoke for a few hours 🙂 he gave me a tour of his hometown, and showed me his Uncle’s Eco Business. His Uncle converts Tempura Oil into a fuel source for cars 🙂

I liked this 🙂 Let’s use Wa as a new greeting 🙂 Wa means Peace. Wa also means Japan 🙂

On the road to Mito (水戸) 😀

Couldn’t believe I saw this at a Toyota. Japan is in a terrible state… So let’s use our money on constructing for a Paralympics! What???

A beautiful sunflower on the way 🙂

I made some lovely new friends in Shibamata 柴又^_^


16th July – Day 2 – 15km so far, and it’s only 2pm 🙂
A bunch of photos from today 🙂 No deep and meaningful meetings… Yet 😛

Sunrise at my campsite
I woke up around 4:30am to get a head start on my day 🙂



Koalas in Japan on the footpaths!!! Who would have guessed!?!

Entering Chiba 😀 😀 So long Tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Japan seems to make everything perfect… These trees really blew me away 🙂

The new age offering to the gods… A manga book… Lol

Making progress!!!!! 😀

Not sure when I’ll post again 🙂 But I’m looking forward to it 😀
Wish me luck guys!!!!!! I’m having an absolutely incredible time 😀

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4 Responses to Day 2 – 35km from my starting point :)

  1. Rie says:

    Hi Aaron!
    I’m Rie.
    I met you at a ramen shop today.
    I forgot the earthquake,but I learned from you that we have to tell about our experiences to the people of the world .
    Have a great journey!

    • amorellini says:

      Thank you for your message and thank you for your perfect English 😀
      I think the most important thing is to listen to your heart and follow your dreams 🙂
      会えて良かったです^_^ ありがとうございます

  2. Nana says:

    Every picture, every explanation, sooooo nice, Aaron!!!!
    Im following your blog from now on as well!
    Have a safe trip! Tohoku is wating for you!!!

    Im also wating for you, hahaha!!!
    Keep running toward your dreams and goals!!!!

  3. Love the sunflowers and the sights!!!

    Regarding the hard work and no jobs, I suppose they work hard to get out of their situation… it isn’t just a japan thing I guess.

    That’s the standards of the society they’re in. I don’t think it’s fair to compare it to Australia…. in my opinion…

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