Day 5 – 石岡市 – 100km out of Tokyo

Hello my beautiful friends and family!!!!

I actually need to get going and continue running, but I really thought it would be best of me to send out a small post to say that I’m progressing!!!!!!


It’s been quite hot here recently, and I’m getting sunburnt, but I’ve mostly been running during the early mornings or late evenings to avoid the heat 🙂 tenting it most nights, but last night was a lovely exception 🙂

This photo was from 3 days ago 😛 I’m actually now 100kms out of Tokyo 🙂 Wow right? I’m surprised… I didn’t think I could do it. And in actuality, I walked about 10km, and have run the other 90km barefoot 🙂 I’m proud of my feet who are surprisingly handling the feat (get it???) surprisingly well 🙂 there’s been a couple of moments where it’s been impossible to keep running without shoes because my feet just become too sensitive, but they’re getting used to it!!!!


This is actually an incredibly special photo to me, as I took it when I finally had the realisation that I was completing my dream!!! This was on the morning of day 3. I was some 50km out from Tokyo, I had signs on my back and front saying “walking to Sendai” or 仙台まで歩き中, and the cars kept beeping, showing their support, smiling, yelling “Ganbatte Kudasai!!!” Or do your best!!! I really can’t describe how awesome it felt 🙂 but wow. This is one of my first big dreams I’ve ever chased, and it’s a pleasure to be challenging myself with it and succeeding!!!!


After a 20km barefoot run with my pack, a wonderful breakfast 🙂 vegetable cereal with a side of vegetables and soy milk 😛

And yes, I’m ate it with Chopsticks 😛 I’m in Japan right?

These are the signs on my back and front while I run 🙂 just texta on my clothes 😛

Fortunately, the more rural I have gone, I’ve began paying for less and less. I’ve received in numerous free drinks, fruit, biscuits, senbei, etc 🙂

Some new friends I interviewed about the tsunami 🙂

More new friends who made some wonderful new shoulder pads for me out of car upholstery etc 😛

This is the family that I stayed with last night 😀 a lovely family in Ibaraki. Yes!!! I’m already in Ibaraki!!!! You’ll recognise the young man also helped make my new shoulder pads 🙂 he kindly let me stay in his home with his family 🙂

Sumiya-San, a young lad who rode his bike along side me, and told me he was riding from Saitama to Ibaraki!!! Awesome!!!! Similar goal! 😀

To close, I suppose that I’d like to say I’m sorry. I have so so soooo much that I want to talk about, the conversations, the experiences etc, but there’s too much to write. I face losing opportunities talking to people that are here by spending so much time making around with formatting and such things on the iPad to upload them, so from here on will just be simple posts like this until I get back to Australia. It’s simple for me, and possibly even more enjoyable for you guys. Less to read? Let me know yeah?

Cheers guys!!!
I’m missing you all dearly 😀 but still having a bloody good time!!!!!!! 😀

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One Response to Day 5 – 石岡市 – 100km out of Tokyo

  1. Rosa Morellini says:

    Aaron, I think you are amazing… so very proud of you. Be safe. Love from us all xxx

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